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Why do Optispark distributors fail?

Sandwiching any distributor between the engine block and the water pump just begs for trouble. Over the years we have discovered that several original equipment Optispark failures typically occur due to the inherent high heat and poor ventilation; distributor shaft support bearing failure being one of the most common issues. The lubrication for the distributor shaft support bearing dries up and then the ball bearings gradually turn to metallic dust. The intense heat from the failed or failing bearings eventually overheats the Optispark module resulting in poor performance or a no-start condition. Mitsubishi-grade Optispark modules are tough, but they can only handle the heat for so long.

Another problem is the high spark voltage that creates ozone which deteriorates the distributor’s internal spark distribution components. The Petris Enterprises Optispark distributor outlives other Optispark units because of the use of brass components and the addition of the ventilation system.

Why should I buy an Optispark from Petris Enterprises?

  • You only want the pleasure of installing the Optispark once.
  • You understand that cheaper is not always better.
  • You want a new, reliable, vented Optispark with a great reputation.
  • You want support before, during, and after the sale from a company that cares.
  • You want the assurance that each unit is bench tested prior to shipment.

Do I need to make any modifications?

Once you unpack the distributor it is ready for installation. We assemble all of the units here in our shop and there is no need to add Loctite or make any other modifications. Disassembling the unit without receiving our authorization first will void the warranty.

The only modification that you will need to make is the addition of a small hole in the air cleaner duct for placement of the vacuum hose with the 90-degree tee.

What makes your Optispark distributor different?

  • Our optical sensor is built using components that are of equal or higher quality than the original equipment optical sensor found in factory-supplied distributors.
  • Our Optispark distributor cap has a ventilation port cast into it with high quality brass terminals and high voltage distribution straps.
  • The brass tipped rotor of each unit is secured with Loctite, assembled, and then tested for leakage. The final touch is the installation of a vacuum ventilation hose assembly with the correct check and restrictor valves to prevent distributor cap damage.
  • We make our own wiring harnesses using the correct TXL wire and high quality terminals. Many harnesses are imported from other countries and are of poor quality (incorrect wire, unreliable crimping, etc.).
  • We also make our own vacuum ventilation kits. Our latest units come with a removable filter with a screen that can be cleaned.
  • Other 1995-1997 Optispark distributors have been plagued loose rotors. We add larger diameter screws to ensure that the rotor stays in place. We also add a reinforcement disc to the shutter wheel.
  • The Petris Enterprises Optispark kit includes all the pieces and attachments necessary to make the conversion, including manifold fittings, the vacuum hose assembly, and installation instructions. You can rest assured that you will not need to make trips back and forth to the auto parts store to buy another item to finish the project.

Do you offer a warranty?

We provide a standard, one year warranty with correct installation.  A five year, unlimited mileage warranty is available at an additional cost of $55.00 per unit.

In our experience, manufacturers’ defects typically occur within the one year warranty period, dependent on the condition of the secondary ignition system. Worn spark plugs, plug wires with high resistance, and performance ignition coils shorten the life of any distributor. The additional warranty period covers manufacturers’ defects only, not wear or internal damage caused from high voltage loads.   

How do I place an order?

The quickest and easiest way to place an order with us is via this website. We do accept telephone orders, but since we are not always available to answer the phone there may be a slight delay in order acceptance and processing.

We have attempted to provide as much information on this website as possible about the products that we sell. If you require a consultation prior to making an order, please select a consultation option via this website. If you decide to purchase one of our products following the consultation we will gladly credit that amount towards your purchase.

Our site is powered by Shopify and transfers all sensitive information via secure HTTPS protocol.

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