Cooling Fan Switch
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Cooling Fan Switch

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Expand your engine's longevity with our cooling fan switch modification. This kit includes the cooling fan switch, harness, and connectors. You will need to install a 180 degree thermostat for it to function properly.

Our 205 degree cooling fan switch or chip tuning will keep your engine cooler, which helps to prolong the life of the distributor.

We also have computer chip tuning available that will turn the fan on at 205 degrees. In addition, we modify the spark and fuel curve for optimum power. Please contact us to request this service.

The fan switch is less expensive upfront, but requires more labor especially if the plug in the driver side cylinder head does not want to come out. The square recess plug has to be removed to install the switch and then the switch is wired to the fan relays.

The chip tuning is simple; remove the PROM chip, send it to us, we program it, and then you put it back in. You can make this modification in less than 20 minutes.