Petris Enterprises

1984-1996 C4 Corvette LS Engine Conversion Electrical Harness Plug and Play Service

Regular price $ 1,150.00

This electrical harness includes new engine and transmission harness with original equipment connections to the forward lamp harness, C100 firewall connector and passenger side under dash harness. Vacuum tubing is installed in the harness for cruise control and a/c system. 

Customers must supply the original C4 Engine Harness from the C-100 bulkhead connector to the passenger side under-dash connectors. Any damaged terminals, connectors and wiring will be replaced with Aptiv OE pieces and correct TXL wiring.  

Customers that supply an original GM LS engine harnesses will receive a $75.00 deduction from the cost of this harness. The supplied LS harness will be evaluated, if the harness has significant heat/oil/grease degradation it cannot be used.