Optispark Distributor Stock Update 9/27/2021

Our Pin Drive and Spline Drive Optispark Component stock has been more difficult this year to procure. We are waiting on Spline drive components, our supplier says they are in a shipping container waiting on customs to clear the order. I've heard this week for the past three weeks. I will update the availability as soon as they are in-route.

Pin Drive Optispark Components are in short supply and we will have enough components to build 15 units 10/04/2021. We are then have another shipment coming in that will allow us to build another 10 units. 

This is certainly not what we expected or want to happen to you the customer or our Business. We've made a major investment and have had no income for months. We'll stick with it doing other projects to keep going until this hopefully straightens out and stock arrives on a regular basis. 

We appreciate our customer loyalty during the lengthy delay that has occurred throughout much of 2020 and early 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience. On behalf of Petris Enterprises, thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay safe and healthy.

In the event that any of our products are not available, please use the "Notify When Available" button on the product page to be notified when we restock.