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4+3 Reverse Lockout Rod Returns

Petris Enterprises is happy to announce the return of the 4+3 reverse lockout rod to our product line to replace worn lockout rods and broken knobs.


If you are having difficulty shifting your 4+3 transmission it may be time to replace the lockout rod. As the lockout rod wears down it is possible to feel a spot where the shifter hits the 1-2 shift gate. Eventually, reverse can be inadvertently selected without pulling up on the lockout knob. In addition, if the plastic knob breaks off of the rod (which occurs often) you will be unable to select reverse unless you remove the shift knob.

The replacement lockout rod is comprised of an air-hardened steel rod with the correct replacement knob. The replacement procedure is fairly easy and once completed you will be able to confidently drive your 4+3 equipped Corvette for many years to come.


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